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1 a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together [syn: dowel, dowel pin]
2 a slight irregular shaking motion [syn: jiggle]


1 move to and fro; "Don't jiggle your finger while the nurse is putting on the bandage!" [syn: jiggle, wiggle]
2 fasten or join with a joggle

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  1. To shake slightly; to push suddenly but slightly, so as to cause to shake or totter; to jostle; to jog.
  2. To jog or run while juggling.
  3. A engineering term meaning a step formed in material by two adjacent reverse bends.

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Joggling is a portmanteau word that describes juggling while jogging. People who joggle are called jogglers.
The most common objects used in joggling are juggling balls, or sometimes juggling clubs, but any set of three or more objects can be used. The juggling is usually done in a three-ball cascade pattern, which is efficient and uses the least energy. Jogglers say that the arm motions of juggling with three objects feels natural with the action and pace of jogging.


The rules that define joggling in competitions and races are:
1. A juggling pattern must be maintained whilst running. 2. If an object is dropped, the joggler must return to the point where the object fell and continue from there.


The Joggling World Championships are held each year as one of the events of the International Jugglers' Association juggling convention, where results are recorded and medals awarded. The current format for races at IJA festivals includes races from 100 meters to 5 kilometers, as well as relay races in which teammates pass one ball to the next relay runner, who holds two in the handoff zone. The schedule also includes a five-ball 100 meter race.
The first championships were held in 1980 at the IJA's festival in Fargo, North Dakota. They were organized by Bill Giduz, an avid joggler who edited the IJA Newsletter at the time in an attempt to interest others in the activity. Two races were held on that occasion -- a 100 yard race across a football field that was won by Brad Heffler, and a one-mile run on an indoor track that was won by Canadian comic entertainer Michel Lauzière. Lauzière was late to the start line and ran his race barefoot.
The 2007 IJA Joggling World Championship featured a spectacular performance by 13 year old David Ferman, who took gold medals in three events: 100 meter 5 ball (24.28 seconds), 100 meter 3 ball (14.81 seconds) and 200 meter 3 ball (31 seconds). David won 5 additional gold medals in the Youth division for a total of 8 gold medals overall. David's father Len Ferman also won the 800 meter 3 ball (2:42) and 1600 meter 3 ball (5:46) to make it a family sweep of the main track events.
Additional races and exhibitions have been organized in recent years by Albert Lucas for the International Sport Juggling Federation, including an exhibition race at the 2001 Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. Lucas has joggled marathons, and has joggled in races over hurdle courses.
Recent international media footage has featured the battle for the marathon record between Canadian Michal Kapral and American Zach Warren. The history of the record includes:
  • 2:50:09 September, 2007 -- Toronto: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 2:52:15 November, 2006 -- Philadelphia: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 2:57:39 September, 2006 -- Toronto: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 2:58:23 April, 2006 -- Boston: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 3:06:45 April, 2006 -- Boston: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 3:07:05 November, 2005 -- Philadelphia, PA: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 3:07:46 September, 2005 – Toronto, Canada: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 3:20:49 August, 2000 -- Karlsruhe, Germany, Paul-Erik Lillholm (Norway);
  • 3:22 1988 -- Salmon River, Idaho: Ashrita Furman (USA) ;
  • 4:04 1987 -- Los Angeles, CA: Albert Lucas (USA)
At one point, Albert Lucas simultaneously held the record for "Most Objects Juggled" and "Fastest Marathon While Juggling."


Current Guinness World Record-holders include:
  • Kirk Swenson (16:55, 5 kilometers, 1986)
  • Owen Morse (13.8, 100 meters, 5 balls, 1988; 11.68, 100 meters, 3 balls, 1989; 57.4, 400 meters, 3 balls, 1990)
  • Owen Morse, Jon Wee, Tuey Wilson, and Albert Lucas (3:57.4, mile relay, 1990)
  • Will Howard (4:42, mile, 2003)
  • Michal Kapral (36:27, 10 kilometers, 2006)
  • Michal Kapral (2:50:09, marathon, 2007)
  • Perry Romanowski (8:23:52, 50-mile ultra marathon, 2007)

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